These are some of the providers I have used.

A relatively low cost method of renting server space and for aquiring or renewing domain names. Although they have a physical UK office you are basically dealing with the German firm Schlund. Their tech support people seem competent enough and I have not had to wait longer than two minutes to get through.

If 1 & 1 does currently have a weakness it is the lack of an e-commerce facility. Freechariot provides a method of accepting credit and debit card payments on a secure server. The system can be used with various types of shopping cart software but you can also package it up with the Dig-e-Shop system. None of this is "free" but you could pay ten times more for much the same.

2003 update: 1 & 1 do now offer an e-commerce system but it seems to be more costly, particularly for the small trader. For their part Freechariot now provide a free basic shopping cart (but are a 1/4% more expensive than they used to be).

May 2003 Update. Freechariot (F C Networks Limited) have abruptly terminated their small business service, which I had been happy with up to that point. The treatment of their small business clients at this point means that I can no longer recommend any aspect of that group, in fact I would advise you to steer well clear of them. I still believe that there must be a better alternative than the 1&1 e-commerce package and when I find it I will mention it here.
June 2003 Update. After some deliberation PayPal has been selected as our card accepting facility.

Webposition Gold
This software, combined with some tips contained in their manual, can help you get on several of the major search engine databasesand achieve a reasonable position within their listings.

A search engine submission concern that also provides a cut-down free service.

Add Me! AddMe
Same again, they also provide a free basic submission service.

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