News Update June 2017

Ye gods it has been a long time since the last update. I am in the process of moving and the items are neither readily accessible or in any form of sorted order.

If you want something by all means enquire (email probably best, please be patient!).

Please regard the old prices as advisory, at the very least prices will have to be adjusted for sales tax, which won't hurt the EC customers so much but I do commiserate with those who live outside EC.

There have been a few new items in the intervening years but I hope you will understand that updating this site is not the current priority.


Two new DVD releases arrived from the Jackson Brothers. A four disk set covering the WWII nostalgia fueler and Drag Racing Dreams being a shorter documentary concentrating on a few cars in Garlts' museum with recent interviews with the drivers.
On the diecast front the ACME (ex-Precision Miniature) Di Matteo Bros. fuel altered Bantam made it here along with the first four of Autoworld's 1/18 "legends of the 1/4 mile" diecast floppers which are the Blue Max and LA Hooker '71 stargazer Mustang bodies and the Hawaiian and Garlits '71 Dodge Chargers. Others are due to arrive and we ought to be able to look forwards to the Kalitta and Muldowney "Bounty Hunter" stargazers early next year with a Camaro shell coming later in the year. I have always wondered why funny cars have been ignored for so long, the only mass production 1:18 scale models that I'm aware of have been Hiway 61's "transitional" Beswick GTO and the later flip-top "Judge" GTO and Firebird by Ertl. Let me know if I'm wrong.
VAT, items sent by Jersey Post to the UK may now optionally have the import duty (ie VAT) prepaid. For the moment this website shows only the ex-VAT prices, please read these notes and be aware of your options.

Mongoose and Snake DVDs from the Jackson Bothers. A walk through time for this famous pair of racers and their cars, one hour in the case of McEwen going all the way back to Yeakel Plymouth and 90 minutes for Prudhomme kicking off with a couple of clips that predate his rise to fame in the GBP car.

American Nitro! Finally, after years in copyright hassle wilderness, this is now available again and this time as a modern high quality transfer from the film to dvd. If you had the old VHS tape or a rip-off dvd you will know that the content gives what you can rarely find, live sound dragracing from the heyday of the Funny Car. What your copy may not prove is that it was shot with hollywood standard equipment, and that it justifies repeat viewings. Well now you can view it as intended in near cinema quality and as often as you like as McEwen, Prudhomme, Ivo, McCulloch, Muldowney and Jungle battle it out at Fremont in '75. Complete with fuelers, wheelstanders, crash and burn sequences, Jungle Pam and Lundberg and interviews with drivers, car and engine builders. If you only want to treat yourself to one title then I'd suggest trying Nitro.

Sadly it is time to say farewell to 1320 Inc. As you know I have rated the products that Mr. DeLille brought us rather highly but nothing much seemed to happen, other than a few models reappearing as pre-painted rapid assembly kits, following the transfer to Pro-Collectibles (who were only known for their 1 Badd Rides). The Tom Hoover rail never (as far as I'm aware) made it to production but I reckon the rest did so, if you like completing sets, there are a finite number to chase. The other side of course is that there will be none of the proposed Mustang floppers or other highly detailed fuelers or diggers from this line.

News Update Oct 2009
After such a long gap there ought to be something to say. First off there are three new Jackson Bros. dvds. "Cackle Cars 2005 & 2007" gives you the slingshot fuelers on parade and racing with Garlits, Ivo and others showing off their famous cars. "Nitro Nostalgia Funny cars" and "More Nitro Funnys" features a whole host of funny cars, some original and some replica, running in recent nostalgia events. If you have only seen the current same-distorted-mould-for-all-brands style flopper then get ready for a full hour from the golden age of fuel coupes, Dodge Charger, Challenger and Daytona, Plymouth Barracuda, Roadrunner and Arrow, Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette, Chevelle and Vega, Pontiac GTO and Firebird, the AMC Jeep and of course various Ford Mustangs. Yes, if you know your yanks then you can pick which year they came from. Each of these titles runs for an hour.

American Nitro! Finally, after years in copyright hassle wilderness, this is now available again and this time as a modern high quality transfer from the film to dvd. If you had the old VHS tape or a rip-off dvd you will know that the content gives what you can rarely find, live sound dragracing from the heyday of the Funny Car. What your copy may not prove is that it was shot with hollywood standard equipment, and that it justifies repeat viewings. Well now you can view it as intended in near cinema quality and as often as you like as McEwen, Prudhomme, Ivo, McCulloch, Muldowney and Jungle battle it out at Fremont in '75. Complete with fuelers, wheelstanders, crash and burn sequences, Jungle Pam and Lundberg and interviews with drivers, car and engine builders. If you only want to treat yourself to one title then I'd suggest trying Nitro.

Sadly it is time to say farewell to 1320 Inc. As you know I have rated the products that Mr. DeLille brought us rather highly but nothing much seemed to happen, other than a few models reappearing as pre-painted rapid assembly kits, following the transfer to Pro-Collectibles (who were only known for their 1 Badd Rides). The Tom Hoover rail never (as far as I'm aware) made it to production but I reckon the rest did so, if you like completing sets, there are a finite number to chase. The other side of course is that there will be none of the proposed Mustang floppers or other highly detailed fuelers or diggers from this line.

Mar 2008
With due gratitude to the Jacksons I am now able to offer anyone who now buys one of their programs in VHS format a copy of that program in "burnt" dvd format to accompany the tape and thus give security against the eventual demise of consumer VHS players. For those titles that are already available as full commercial dvds the burnt copy is taken digitally from a master dvd produced in the USA for the Jacksons and, as long as your dvd player is modern enough to read consumer burnt discs, will play with all the clarity of the Jackson's commercially produced dvds. You do not get any further Jackson Bros artwork with these discs, if you want the full commercial dvd package then you should buy the appropriate dvd. Please note that the contents of the dvd are subject to the same copyright as the tape, you are permitted to render the dvd unusable at any time but if you dispose of the tape then you may not retain the dvd. Owning the tape gives you the right to simply keep and watch the accompanying dvd. If you wish to make use of this offer then the only extra piece of information you may need is whether your dvd player is limited to either the "plus" or "minus" type of burnt disc.

Jan 2008
All of a sudden two Jackson Bros. videos. Both dvds are an hour in length and are transferred from cine with music soundtrack (sadly no live fuel motor sounds). Famoso March Meet Oldies takes you to the first two Fuel & Gas championships and if you have read your books or were lucky enough to have been present you will know who was there. Old Funny Cars 'n Force is not expected to be THE Jackson Brothers definitive tribute to 70's fuel coupes (that project is still underway) but in the meantime whets your appetite for what they have stashed in their archive. This latter title also includes an audio cd of the music soundtrack.

May 2007
Just to surprise you(?) I now have a limited supply of the latest Jackson Bros DVD. Entitled "Sparky's APE and the Geezer Glory Days" you could well be left wondering what exactly it contains. particularly since it is so new that it has not been listed yet on the JBV web site. This is a 1 hour video, the first 7 minutes or so show "Sparky" Horaczko's "the Ape" altered running over the years from the mid 60's right up to this year at Bakersfield. This is a nice looking injected smallblock Bantam bodied altered that has aged well but, in truth, this is not itself going to justify the entry fee. What most likely will do so is the footage that follows, starting with the Innaugural NHRA meet at Great Bend in truly remarkable un-faded glory (I've seen clips of this meet from other people but JBV puts out the brightest and crispest of the lot). Coverage then dots around the usual west coast locations such as, Bakersfield, Lions and Sacramento throughought the 60's with a whole host or AA slingshots, altereds and famous faces. From a first scan you see Ivo's twin Buick as well as his quad Showboat running. Also on the four engined theme there are close-ups of Goldenrod (static), visual proof 4-abreast sedan racing plus a 4-abreast line up of early jet dragsters though you don't see those running side by side. There are loads of rails from the era of the streamlined covered-cockpit cum parachute fairing, including Yellow Fang which did rather take the style to an extreme, another glimpse of the unusual trike slingshot seen in Wildshots and plenty more. Towards the end he spills over into the early 70's (or perhaps the final months of 69 since there are a some clips of 3rd gen. Charger bodied funny cars and loads of famous names in the pit area with Muldowney suiting up, Prudhomme, Ivo, McCulloch alongside others. In effect this video acts as a taster of the quality that JBV can provide and is none the worse for that.

January 2007
The wait for the Pure Heaven Bantam is finally over as the first cartons have now arrived. Due in any moment is the first batch of the Jackson Bros. 60's Nor-Cal fuelers Scrapbook dvd:
By request of Todd Blake, the Jackson Bros. put together 59 minutes of 1960's Top Fuel action to include music background. Most clips are from Fremont Raceway. Besides a heavy dose of John Batto, Ted Gotelli, Masters & Richter, other racers include: Rich Zoucha, Frank Martinez, Chuck Flores, Gary Ormsby, Hoger Hardcastle, Jim Davis, Jerry Vargas, Jimmy Hair, Don Garlits, Jerry Ruth, Wulf & Mayer, Frank Bradley, Denny Forsberg, "Jet Car" Bob Smith, Tom Hoover, Bill Dunlap, Dan Madigan, Birky & Neal, Whiz Kids, Joe Winters, Rich Bruckman, Sammy Hale, Gary Ritter, Connie Kallita, Logge-Steffy, Ed Pink, Winkle & Trapp, Don Cook, Roger Harrington, Dwight Bale, George Santos, Run Nunes, Winther & Dunn, Frank Pitts, Galli Bros, Star-Cox-Hutchinson, Art Malone, Frank Cannon, Leroy Jorgensen, Dennis Baca, Gerry Steiner, Dennis Hollingsworth, Rudy Babino, Kenny Safford, John Halstead, Joe Davis, Jerry Card, Hodges & Olson, Carl Olson, Jesse Perkins, Berry Bros & Hughes, Jerry Baltes, Ken Sylvestri, Fred Cerruti, Rich Guasco, Dale Emory, & many more!!!

And finally, if you are interested in 1:1 scale model Mopars, then I want to sell a '65 Belvedere
(sold for a pittance sadly)

November 2006
There is really not that much to shout about considering the gap since Easter. One good thing though has been the arrival of the Mondello (Fiat Topolino) diecast, and a nice model it makes too. I am still waiting for the Pure Heaven Bantam. On the down side is the sale or take-over of 1320 from it's original owners which brought a halt to the previous regular production schedule. I had heard that a "stargazer" Mach I f/c had been planned but it remains to be seen whether new classic slingshots and funny cars will be coming from that stable. I supose it does give you a chance to catch up with the back-catalogue of rails and floppers.

March 2006
A little bit of news on the diecast front. The GMP SR6 and Ivo Barnstormer rails are in stock as is the dragstrip diorama regarding which although, as noted, you don't get the cars in the picture you do however get two drivers to put in them, and sorry for the postal charge on this one but the base is heavier than half a dozen diecasts. Due in this month are the blown drag versions of the 1/6 Hemi and SOHC motors and the cross-ram visible race Hemi. 1/18 Garlits and Ivo figures now in stock.
(diecast and kit motors are currently in the "muscle" section)

January 2006
The Jackson Brothers now have two new titles. First off is Famoso Cacklefest 2004, a 90 minute video of the 13th Hot Rod Reunion so expect plenty of front engined fuel cars. The second video features sixteen AA gassers (nowadays a 6 second category) but principally revolves around Howard Anderson's car being given a good workout.

October 2005

First off, Help me clear some shelf space! Prices have been reduced on some of the Jackson Brothers tapes by as much as 60%, lesser discounts on the Gold Dust titles. The majority of the 1320 diecast model dragster range also have a 20-25% discount applied and the "buy five get a sixth free" deal still applies to both the slingshot dragster Fueler and Flopper funny car ranges. Whilst the 1320 christmas tree has formally been put on hold I hope these reductions will help you with yours.
If you prefer the larger scale rails then GMP are continuing with Garlits' 200 mph SR 6 being the next off the blocks with pre-orders being taken for the next in their Ivo series, his 1962 Barnstormer slingshot. If you want a ready-made diorama for your 1/18 scale dragsters then GMP will be producing one for you shortly.

July 2005

I should have updated this a bit earlier. In stock, at least as I write, is the GMP 1/18 scale Tommy Ivo quad engined Showboat model. As with the twin Buick Ivo rail this also comes with a brief DVD showing the two cars plus a potted history of his TV/film career. Fuel altered fans may be interested to hear that Precision Miniature have announced that they will be bringing out models of both the Joe Mondello (Topolino) and the Pure Heaven (Bantam) cars, so you can now stage your own "between heaven & hell" diorama and, whilst mentioing dioramas, I have to admit that I just do not know when 1320 are going to produce their XMAS tree. With regard to the cars 1320 are now better synchronised with the published release schedule with the Ramchargers rail on its way over and the M/T f/c now in stock.
I am also pleased to announce (and I am sure that he is duly amazed) that I have at last started to upload Malcolm Dyer's photos. I really could do with some help identifying and annotating these so if you happened to follow a particular car or driver, or just have have some knowledge on this era, then please get in touch.

April 2005

If I am to pick one item to showcase this month it has to be the quarter scale "visible hemi". Of course if you remember the original Renwal - Revell generic visible V8 or the more recent Revell visible Chevy then you may not give this total marks for originality. Just like the original kit this has a built-up crankshaft (which likewise requires due care on assembly), but on the other hand this one is a big-block, it has a very basic sound system (built into the display plinth, which also hides the motor drive to the flywheel) and yes, you get to build the one with wall-to-wall valve covers. I apologise for what must seem like a high carriage charge on a plastic kit but at as a 2.4 Kg package you do get quite a lot of plastic. This item, along with the 1/6 scale diecast motors is located in the 1/18 diecast section.

February 2005
Two new Jackson Brothers DVDs are on the way over. "High Speed Motorsports" and "Tony Waters". Both feature the teams at Bakersfield, Pomona and Las Vegas, the run time is an hour each. A review will follow when they arrive.
In the meantime 1320 have been getting back into synch with their production schedule. The Pisano flopper is in and the Swamp Rat 8 digger and Cow Palace rail are on their way over. Alas the Jungle Pam figure has been cancelled..
In the larger scale models the Ivo twin engine Buick and the Malco gasser Mustang are now in stock, really well detailed dragsters, plus Nascar Dodge Daytonas
And finally the first of a few contributions gets on to the web site, Andrew Howes article on how he spent his summer holiday 35 years ago! To follow shortly is a collection of photos taken by Malcolm Dyer. If you have any memories, photos or film you would like to share with others please just get in touch.

November 2004
The Jackson Brothers DVDs are now in stock, as are some recent arrivals from 1320. Incidentally 1320 have just announced their planned production list for 2005.
I overestimated the local demand for the Stardust F/C and need to free up some shelf space for the DVDs and new diecasts, my loss-your gain. I am offering a combo deal, get the Stardust flopper plus one of the following VHS video tapes for just £66-99. You can either consider that you are getting the tape for free or getting the car for around £46... perhaps a suitable chance to get someting for your drag-racing friends?
Qualifying tapes for the moment (first come-first served) include:
Gasser Files, Super Gas Attack, Bad Boys 2, Shoebox Dream, Nostalgia Wild, Front Engine Fueler, Birth of Dragracing 3, Birth of Dragracing 4. To take advantage of the deal simply order up the Stardust flopper and state which tape you would like included.
If you fancy the Birth of Dragracing series then the four volume set is on offer, £39-99 The Flames of Fear tape is now on limited availability, please act soon if you want one.

September 2004
After such a long interval it seems as if there should be a little more to report. There is some major news on the Jackson Bros. front in that the bulk of their catalogue is now available in DVD format with most being produced as full volume commercial pressings and the remainder as lower volume "burnt" disks. My personal tests have indicated that whilst the burnt disks will play in just about any DVD equipped computer there are older DVD players about that will not read them. If you want one of the titles that is only available as a "burnt" DVD and it will not play on your machine then you may return it and it will be replaced with the PAL VHS tape.

In the meantime 1320 have been pretty much keeping to schedule and presumably are already planning further releases for next year. Two items that are relatively recent announcements are the Chrondek christmas tree and the Jungle Pam figurine. The model of Pam Hardy will most likely only interest those that have a Jungle Jim f/c already on display but the tree might appeal to anyone who has 1/24 or 1/25 model dragsters of any type.

March 2004
Swamp Rat VI, the first of 1320's "Diggers" series arrived a while back and all those who pre-ordered should have theirs by now. If you should wish to pre-order any of the future 1320 models then you should notice that the price represents a full 10% discount. 1320 have been very good at meeting their production schedule so the rule of thumb is this: to get the discount your payment has to arrive before I pay 1320, so if for example the predicted production date is June I need to receive your order before the end of May, with delivery to you most likely being in July.
If you were looking for the old site the domain is now being directed here.

January 2004
The tables have now been turned on the web-site in that you should now default into the "new" pages. If you want to refer back to the old site you can do so from here.
If you are interested in the Jackson Bros. tapes then take a look at the listing, nothing new other than lower prices on half the range, hope you think that helps!
The Howard Cams Rattler slingshot and Candies & Hughes f/c have arrived in from 1320.
Here's a link to the old site, should you want to refer back to it.

December 2003
While the new "databased" pages seem to be working I am not entirely happy with the way that some of the extra images and text would be left out if the old pages were abandoned so, for the moment, you can have the choice and I'll await further comment.

Please note that any orders received after December 5th will not be posted prior to the Xmas holiday. I hope you have a good one.

November 2003

Warning ! Warning!
"site under construction" and similar messages. I am now loading up the new pages for test. At the moment both the older (more descriptive?) pages and the new ones co-exist, and I know that there are some faults with the new ones (sadly to fully check the "buy now" buttons the test has to be live). For the final week in November you can expect a whole heap of broken links, disabled buttons etc..
If you come in direct to you will default to the old site but if you are feeling adventurous you can get a look at the new format from here. The Golddust and Jackson Brothers video section is pretty much there but at the moment the diecasts section has plenty of broken links, missing images and is lacking in item and postage cost details. In particular please expect a delay before any parcel post data is uploaded (there is a peculiarity regarding insured parcel post that may mean that I can only insure at the letter rate).
If you want to try the system then by all means do and I'd appreciate your comments as to whether the new format shows any potential benefit. If you don't or you simply cannot get the purchasing system to work and you have the patience to go back to the old Dig-e-Shop then you can still order stuff up from there [now removed].

Some availability codes are now being shown:
IS - In Stock
AO - Available to Order (please allow 6 weeks for delivery)
PO - Pre-Order (get your name down for one, shipped when available)
LI - Limited Stock
LS - Last Stock (if the "buy" button has been disabled it implies that there is/was only one left, please make contact to check whether the item is still available)

1320 has gone to print with it's full product range for 2004. Briefly Swamp Rat 6 should be here Xmas '03 or the new year with the G-B-P car set for March, new announcements for the Diggers range are the '65 Yeakel Plymouth McEwen car* and Swamp Rat 8*. In the Fuelers range expect Bennie Osborn, Steve Carbone, Roland Yeong's Hawaiian* and the Warren-Coburn-Miller rails. For the Floppers Mike Mitchell's Hippie gives the 'Cuda mould one more run whereupon Jungle Jim kicks off for the new 1st gen Vega shell. The Vega will also be available as Jim Green's Green Elephant, Braskett & Burgin and Pisano & Matsubara. Production quantities are unknown as yet.
(* these are true "bare tube" rails so expect a proper level of front chassis detail)
I think I have found a way to get away from the Dig-e-Shop by having "buy now" buttons on the main site. This should be up and running this month. I hope that you will regard this aspect, not having to switch between the two sites, as a step forwards. It should also ease my task in not having to synchronise the two. The 1/18s mentioned below should appear within this new format this month.

News Update October 2003
The range of 1/18 scale diecasts has been expanded to cover Super and Pro stockers, general muscle cars and a couple of dry lake and Nascar racers. Due to the breadth of the range some will be kept in stock and others left as available or pre order items. Whilst appreciating that this is not ideal for all situations it should enable costs to be kept under control.

September 2003
Ron O'Donnell's "Big Noise" f/c now in stock with the Howard Cams "Rattler" rail now being shipped over. Further news from 1320 has been the release of some pre-production photos of the two diggers along with the very welcome announcement that the prices will be in line with the current fuelers. Those who have suffered my previous comments on the subject will know that the cost to 1320 of producing these is much higher than for the other rails so well done 1320.

Whilst away during August I did manage to investigate alternative shipping methods. If these turn out to be reliable then prices may drop slightly. Other stock items were also considered and if you like the idea of it there is now the Liberty Classics 1/6 scale 426 street hemi model (currently residing on the 1/18 page). A page for GMP's 1/43 scale diggers has at last been added. Even if you gave up collecting in this scale some time ago you might just like to take a look as they are so much better than the Corgi and Dinky offerings of years gone by.

24 July 2003
Due to urgent family need DPA is undergoing a plant "shutdown" for the bulk of August. I apologise to anyone who wants to place an urgent order. If you need to contact me then please try email first, a brief phone message being next best. In the meantime your patience would be appreciated.
The 1320 Prudhomme rail has been released and is being shipped, pre-order deliveries should occur late August.

July 2003
Thirteen -Twenty is again keeping to schedule, #1206 the "Wonder Wagon" Cuda f/c being released at the end of June and now being shipped over. Next up is the Prudhomme's "Wynns Winder" rail, which you can still have at the pre-order price if you move quickly.

12 June 2003
The web-shop is now running again with PayPal as the card accepting service.

30 May 2003
Sorry to report this but Freechariot (F C Networks Ltd.), the concern that processed the card transactions for the web shop, have suddenly pulled the plug on all their smaller clients. As a consequence we are having to disable our "shopping cart" until such time as we have found a sensible alternative processor. In the meantime we will be happy to deal with the traditional mailed orders. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. If there is any good news it is that the Whipple F/C is now in stock with the Gotelli rail being shipped.

April/May 2003
The Kalitta rail is now in stock and the Whipple & McCulloch F/C is being shipped. For those of you waiting on news of 1320's "diggers" series the first indication on pricing equates roughly to the current "floppers" series and I have been told that they will have even more detail than usual. It also appears that there may be a chance of the new improved headers being made available to retro-fit the early fueler models.

April 2003
The Precision Miniature model of the Pure Hell fuel altered is in stock, along with the GMP model of the Greer-Black-Prudhomme rail. At long last some images of these models have been added to the site (other diecasts section). Prudhomme's Army sponsored Cuda has also arrived from 1320 and Kalitta's sohc powered Bounty Hunter rail is on it's way (so no more pre-order pricing on that one).

February 2003
Quite a few items have now arrived:
A Jackson Bros. video covering the 2002 Gasser Nationals in Oregon, £24-99.
The red Garlits rail and the commemorative Prudhomme 'cuda from 1320 Inc.
A selection of 1/18 diecast dragster and muscle car models, the prime piece of which has to be the Precision Miniatures model of Borsch's Winged Express, put simply the prototype was the stuff of legend. Just as well detailed is the GMP model of Garlits' Swamp Rat 1B with lovely wire wheels on the front. From Highway 61 comes the two famous Hurst exhibition cars, the Hemi-under-Glass wheelstander and the twin-engined Hurst Hairy Olds. I also have a small quantity of selected muscle cars, namely the Bullitt Charger and Mustang and the Plymouth superbird from Ertl and the highly detailed '67 Plymouth GTX from Highway 61.

December 2002
Two new rails, Gary Cochran and Chris Karimesenes are now in from 1320, as is Jim Dunn's front-engined Dunn & Reath 'Cuda flopper.

November 2002
Two new Jackson Brothers tapes this time. Each tape is one hour long and cost £24-99 (incl. the usual UK postage). Both tapes feature footage from recent nostalgia events and have been captured and edited with more modern equipment. "X-treme Nostalgia", I must admit, has been out in NTSC format for a while. "March Meet 2002" has only recently come out of editing.

October 2002
Two new models now arrived. Keeling & Clayton's California Charger, certainly one of the most beautiful slingshots there ever was, and Don Cook's Damn Yankee f/c. Thirteen-Twenty's planned release list for 2003 is now available on their site.

July 2002
Yet another web site move. I'm sorry if you tried the site and found it unavailable, I gave 3 weeks notice to transfer the domains, which I had heard was a 5 day process but it has taken close to a month to get the old host to relinquish the domains and the new host to apply them. I am not expecting the new host to be that much better in terms of page fetching but it seems to have a much more reliable email interface to the dreaded AOL and also a better ftp link.
Both the 1320Inc. Stardust and Ivo diecast models have finally made it through customs and into stock.I was trying a slightly cheaper method of shipping these models over and I had expected a slower service as a result. it turned out that it was a lot slower, not that much different from actually shipping by surface. In the end there was a slight reduction in cost which I have used to reduce the price on the Stardust model. (Those that were sensible enough to pre-order will receive this as a credit, so in percentage terms you got an even bigger discount).
I have also got some of the Mattel Legends Mongoose and Snake models. If you were not aware these are the only 1/24 scale diecast fuel cars that can stand comparison to the 1320 products and indeed in some areas they surpass them in their detailing, which is understandable when you consider that they originally sold for $120 each. If you like early funny cars then check these two models out on the web-shop, should be around £50.

June 2002
We now have a web shop that can accept credit/debit cards on-line, "and about time too" some of you may well say. The shop site is still in the process of construction but it should function sufficiently to enable you to order up the tapes and diecasts, just in time for the 1320 delivery of Tommy Ivo and Stardust models.
If you prefer to pay by cheque via the traditional method that is perfectly acceptable.

May 2002
1320 Bernstein commemorative model now in stock £ 67-99. Pre-production pictures of the Tommy Ivo and Keeling & Clayton fueleres are now available and so are pictures of Don Cook's Damn Yankee, the second in the Floppers series with the Dunn & Reath car announced as the third Flopper model. If you are interested I have also found a few more #1104 Garlits models, £99-99 each.

April 2002
The 1320 McEwen model is now in stock. The 1320 site now features some sample images of the forthcoming Stardust F/C.

February 2002
Further releases from 1320. Jim Dunn's "Rainbow" fueler and "Sneaky Pete" Robinson's SOHC powered rail are due in anytime, and so are a very limited quantity of the ficticious commemorative "Forever Red" model. The 1320 site now includes a print-it-yourself image to provide the missing Tony Nancy collector card.

December 2001    
Kalivoda's "The Joker" and Beebe & Mulligan's "Fighting Irish" models now in stock.

October 2001    
Garlits model still in stock but quantities are now limited. "The Joker" now expected to arrive before the month is out.

September 2001    
Garlits's Swamp Rat XII model in stock. 

July 2001    
Bruce Wheeler's "Wheeler Dealer" 1/24 Scale diecast slingshot model now in stock. 

April 2001
1/24 Scale Diecast Slingshot Dragster Models. The first of 1320 Inc's miniature marvels are now in stock. Click here for further details

April 2000
Front Engine Fuelers! These arrived a little later than expected but are now in stock. 

March 2000
Front Engine Fuelers! The latest Jackson Brothers tape is on it's way and is expected in stock before the end of the month, further details on the Jackson Brothers pages. 

November 99
I am now able to convert the Jackson Brothers and the second five tape group of Gold Dust Classics tapes to SECAM format at no extra cost and without a transatlantic delay. Please note that there is a slight loss of quality compared to the PAL format tapes and if your equipment is capable of accepting PAL tapes then that is the format to go for. The conversion is performed here in Jersey. 

Jackson Brothers
In stock now is a small batch of the Jackson Brothers A.N.R.A. (American Nostalgia Racing Association) "Action Outtakes" tapes. This features blown Altereds, gassers and no less than 11 slingshot fuelers. The tape covers the action at a couple of nostalgia meets at tracks in Nevada and California. NEWS UPDATE  I am now down to my last handful of tapes, if you would like one it might be a good idea to order up a copy. 90 minutes £ 26-99

Super Gas Attack. As stated on the other pages this is not the Jackson's most exciting work, I only have a small quantity left and I will not be re-ordering. If you happen to collect the Jackson Brothers series and would like a complete set then I bring this to your attention.

Special Offer - Shoebox Dream. I rate this as a very good tape but I am slightly overstocked, so until further notice it is reduced to £ 19-99.

Gold Dust Classics
The second series of tapes are now on limited availability, due to the fact that I can no longer contact the copyright holder, when they are gone they are gone....

Don Tuttle Set
I think I managed to judge the market for these quite well. I have sold out but if there are enough of you out there who would like a set I can always get another batch in, let me know.

Web Site Move
I did not think the old site host was giving anything like a good deal so I have moved. The old site is still there along with the mailbox but it will disappear during next year. The current host has a much better policy regarding web space so I will now be able to start loading up the "missing" photos. 

Some video clips will shortly be added for those patient enough to download them. Please understand that these clips are heavily compressed to reduce the file size and neither the picture or sound quality should be taken to represent the tapes. The intention is just to give a very rough idea of the footage included. To give a taster here are the Fuel Altereds:

Bad Boys 1 (4.7MB)

Bad Boys 2 (3 MB)

Gassers (3 MB)

I would not mind some feedback to find out whether you think they are worth having on the site. Given the file sizes would you prefer shorter clips of higher quality or would you prefer smaller files at the current compression levels?