Greer-Black-Prudhomme Swamp Rat 1 Swamp Rat IB Swamp Rat III Swamp Rat VI

If you either already collect 1/43rd scale diecasts, like model dragsters but do not have much display space free, want an easily transportable gift or simply fancy having a set of quality models then these smaller offerings from GMP may fit the bill.
Once again GMP have managed to design some superb packaging, the models come in a presentation display box that from the outside resembles the cases often used for quality watches. Inside, just as per the 1/18 scale versions, the model is properly protected on a black velvet effect mount and can either be displayed with the cowlings removed or in place.
The level of detail is good for this scale, you can see the carbs on Swamp Rat 1 and other details such as clutch and brake pedals are all there, they even have the plates for their individual serial numbers. Even with these details the models are, overall, very sturdy and sensible children could race them along the floor with minimal risk. They are also just the right size for high quality trophies or could be used for rather unique Xmas tree (the other sort) or cake decorations, I am sure you could think of others uses.
If you prefer to collect 1/24 scale models then check out the GBP, SR VI and all the other models from 1320 Inc..

£28-99 each