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I have some cine footage from Santa Pod (mid 70’s early 80’s) and several hours of video from recent nostalgia events at Avon Park and California. What I would like to do is assemble enough film or video footage to produce a decent British or European nostalgia tape. Using the best bits from my footage will not result in a very long tape and I need your help. Please get in touch if you have or know of any suitable film or video that I can borrow, buy or rent. It is about time that there was a decent British nostalgia tape, please help if you can. 

RNAS Wroughton, Santa Pod, Long Marston etc. - some photos from the ‘70s 

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Besides drag racing video tapes I also collect most other types of drag racing and hot-rod related items. Posters, photos, magazines, plastic kit and diecast models of various scales as well as items that might be more properly regarded as toys or games. In some cases I have duplicates and would be willing to trade. 

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Plastic kits 

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Other Toys/Games 

If you would like to suggest other titles I am always willing to consider adding other tapes to the catalogue, if you know of any worthwhile titles then by all means get in touch. If it is possible to contact the copyright holder and they are not thinking of ridiculously high quantities then something may come of it.